As a graduate from the Environmental Design department at Maryland Institute College of Art, I finished school with a Bachelor's of Fine Art, Magna Cum Laude. Art has been within me since I was a child who not only colored within the lines, but patterned the clothes on the characters in my coloring books. In high school if my friends saw me wearing a new shirt or carrying a new bag the first question they asked was whether I made it or not. Now, the walls in my family's home are covered with paintings and drawings that I have done, not to mention the endless stacks of drawings remaining in the basement.

In college I realized art and design are not so different, but design offers a sense of purpose and function that I cannot resist. The aesthetics of an object can certainly draw me in, but when combined with great function I am hooked. I always found it hard just to make a sculpture, and would often find myself adding a function, usually without even being aware that I was doing so. Once I took my first object design class I discovered a passion. I believe that designing objects and spaces to be aesthetically pleasing can enrich a person's day, but when combined with ease and function people's lives can truly be enhanced. This is something I strive to be a part of for the rest of my life.

However, creating something new and exciting is never simple. I believe that some of the riskiest acts in life often end up being the most rewarding, simply because its risk implies that it is unconventional. How could anything new and exciting ever be discovered or designed without branching off from the ordinary and the expected? I live by this realization and thrive on visiting new and unfamiliar places in hopes to understand more about this world and how each person functions within it. Through risks and an understanding of our environment, improvement is possible.

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